History of the Holly Koran

God is the voice of the Lord. How to be the case with the Bible in the book, the life of the Prophet, the Arabs and the revelation of the holy Koran during the period from the date of this event with the gods of verse, not adulterated. The god of the holy Koran is the word. No, this is not the word of god. The word had been deleted from the text. A book of our time as my original and the best period of the Prophet Muhammad had hands. Since the beginning of the book and the owners of the holy prophet of the text was expected to be detected. Each time a message from the goddess of knowledge and the prophet will call on scribe to and dictate its terms. Textually, the holy prophet of error so that the register matches the scribe yourself, put the manuscript in a safe place and will be followed. A special message is, the Holy Prophet, who has revealed Surat (chapter) and was due to be published in a series of instructions in writing. This is way and the prophet by a series of surveys by the end of the holy Quran for the organization of the text of the law by continuing. Then, by Islam that is the recitation of the Koran and an integral part of worship is a painter. Were also of this will be an excellent colleague to the memory of the verse. Many of them remember the different parts of the text and learned a lot hours.That is the holy Koran history.
ALLAH Almighty.

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