Islam, Muslims, and modern technology.

In this article, refers to technology, modern technology developed, during and after the industrial revolution, especially in l 'west and extends well being Aujourd' today in the whole world. There are two different dimensions from this debate: L 'is the situation, him in the true world which is now above that which l' other is the question what we believe, would owe U.S. with the Muslim world to look is concerned. Leave m 'to call year example. No government in the Muslim world gives d 'Aujourd' today that this n 'is not each form off technology, which n' those standards involve the capacity and richness. Nobody who holds bait around summon comfort, like the telephone which s' has each form fires off like technology is the whole world, and that much off harmful consequence is the brain, proven by many studies, although the majority off the people generally not, much with it the negative factors, like - at least for the moment.

So we need to know about Islam and technology have a lot of books. Dear collect your Islamic books and increase your knowledge. Because we have no any option about this. We must be return ALLAH because we promise him. So dear learner pray (Namaz) for your self. ALLAH is best of the world.

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