Who is Allah?

ALLAH is a one word. Total characters are 5 and easy to say “Allah” but it not meaning less. Some people calls others name. Everybody mast be know that what is Allah? Allah is the creator of the universe. Allah is not only Muslims people Allah over all every man. Allah create us, Right think is that, we just only pray him. Allah is only one not more and only one to be worshipped.

Allah tells us in the holy Quran, He created this universe in six days (periods of time) with out tried because Allah is almighty. He can do any thing and without any permission. He is only one in the universe and every thing maintain properly, perfectly.The holy
Quran is voice of Allah. Our Prophet is Mohammad (SM). The holy Quran dismount our prophet Mohammad (SM).its our gamester. It’s also guideline for every man. Every man flow this for better life. If whole people flow The holy Quran exist everywhere peace and peace. Allah has 99 (Ninety nine) name so people can call him any name. He can understand every language. Allah can understand any voice. He places every where, we don’t see him but he sees us. So please believe Allah is almighty. He can do any things if he wants.